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Between sea and mountain, Paillons, the town is home to the medieval village of Lucéram and the mountain resort of Peïra Cava.

The old village of Lucéram is renowned for its historical and cultural heritage: religious art, architecture, museums and nativity circuit. The olive tree, always cultivated, has a special place in the landscape and in the lives of men.

The circuit nurseries

The Country House and Upper Lucéram Paillon, has been organizing since Christmas 1998 in collaboration with associations and residents of the commune, a “circuit nurseries” in the village. The tradition is now anchored.

More than 450 nativity scenes

From the smallest in half hazelnut, to the great measuring 10 meters long, more than 450 cribs are exhibited in the streets, basements, on fountains, in doorways, to the Church, to turn to chapels, the bread oven, the Museum of the Crib, the Museum of Old Tools, the Country House / Tourist Office, at the Placette, in shops, in the mill Val Del Prat, and Peïra-Cava, Turini and Camp d’Argent.

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