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The oil pump


The oil pump is one of the thirteen desserts for Christmas, surrounded by dried fruit, fresh fruit and nougat.  The tradition has disappeared in many families who now prefer the log for dessert.

At the Bastide Mamette, every Christmas, we offer our guests the thirteen traditional desserts.   Maintaining the Lou Ferri tradition in the Christmas period. Some come from abroad or from other parts of France to discover this set of candy which comes from another time. Southerners are in turn very happy to rediscover a tradition from their childhood.


500 g flour

100 g of sugar

5 egg yolks

25 g of baker’s yeast

150 g of olive oil

Zest of one orange finely chopped

1 pinch salt

To avoid the bitterness of orange, blanch the zest finely chopped.

Dissolve the yeast in a little warm water.

In a bowl, mix the flour, salt and sugar. Dig a hole in which you put the egg yolks, yeast, olive oil and orange zest.

Knead the dough for about ten minutes to make a soft dough but does not stick to your fingers.

Cover with a cloth and let rise in a place away from drafts.

Then Divide your dough into two equal size balls. Give them a slightly flattened oval shape. Make indentations and expand them with your finger.

Cover and let rise for another two hours.

Glaze with egg and bake at medium heat for 20 minutes.

Enjoy with a small glass of orange wine to stay true to the Provencal tradition.

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